About us
NHF is the registered in the United States. It is non-profit health promotion organization, Headquartered in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Its purpose is to promote new health technology research and the business model of new health, to help more public get better health products and services with lower price.
The new health foundation (NHF) is composed of by group of people with lofty ideals, who are a like-minded, willing to gratuitously help the general public, including the excellent deep-pocketed entrepreneurs, international experts in the field of health, experienced financial experts and communicative extensive social celebrities. Through organizing various international large health public welfare activities, NHF improves public’s health consciousness and teach new concept health concepts. At the same time, through distributing more free textbooks and funding health education institutions to open free health education courses, NHF helps the public better maintain personal health. NHF will also through helping professional health research institutions to develop more new health technology and products, better service to public health, welcome each concerned about the health person with lofty ideals to join "the new health foundation.
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