core idea
Promoting public health as NHF’s own duty, the core idea:
. Help more public become more healthy, beautiful and happy
. Provide more widely and convenient way, let more public enjoys new health and be happy
. Promote more business institutions to provide personalized healthy beautiful products and services which meet individual needs for more public
. Help more popular gain health and beauty products and services in better effect with much lower price
. Promote innovation health technology research, provides much better solutions for public’s health and beauty problems.
. Promote honest healthy beautiful products and service activities, encourage more businesses institutions treat consumers more sincerity
. Promote high quality health beauty product and service activities, recommend outstanding enterprise, the products and services to more consumers
. Promote scientific healthy beautiful activities, provide more information and education of the health and beauty for more consumers
. Promote global one million people weight loss big activities, help more obese people lose weight, restore health.
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