one million people lose weight big action
Obesity is now the biggest hidden trouble that effects human health, in 2011, the world health organization says. 1.2 billion persons are overweight all over the world, about 800 million people are in a state of obesity. Before 2015, there will be 1.5 billion people being overweight all over the world. Health organization in American statistical data shows that, 40% of the population are overweight, obese people accounts for 28%. In China, which has the most population of 1.3 billion, more than 20% are overweight, about 90 million persons’ weight is more than 20% above health standard. China experts expect that in the next 10 years, the digital could reach to 200 million. Obesity is especially serious in young population, the number of obese children increases at the rate of 8% each year. From 1982 to 2010, adolescent obese increases to three times, 20% of the world's fat person are in China.
As is known to all, obesity greatly affect human health, it is the main inducement that leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome. Obesity can shorten life 13 years on average.
Against globalization trend of obesity, is the most difficult and urgent mission ever in human history. The purpose of the United States international new health fund is to improve human health, with the full support of Golden group and D&W international group in United States, to organize international slimming competition. Its purpose is to use this attractive activity, attract more reducing weight persons join in the science lose weight teams, Through the use of advanced reducing weight technology, advertise health and science reducing weight knowledge to the more reducing weight persons, more effectively help obese people get lasting effective result in reducing weight.
The tenet of activities:
. Spread scientific and healthy weight loss concept in global
. Enlighten obese people to pay more attention to their own health and clearly understand the dangers of obesity
. Teach new concept reducing weight new technology to the millions of fat persons
. Help millions of reducing weight persons to obtain good result in reducing weight
. It's a hook to attract more people with lofty ideals to participate in the action of fighting against global obesity trend
The purpose of activities:
. In the form of international competition to attract more obese people to pay attention and actively participate in
. Provide scientific and healthy reducing weight education for more obese person, using the platform of the international competition
. Mobilize social forces to help obese people lose weight, using the extensive effect of International competition
. Widely promote healthy and effective weight loss technology, unite media in many countries, using the methods of international competition
. Inspire more obese people to positive lose weight, use good effect in reducing weight of contest players as example
. Help more obese people get more good and lasting effect in reducing weight, use of all kinds of contest resources as far as possible
Organization of competition
"International slimming competition" is hosted by "American international new health fund", sponsored by Golden group in United States and D&W international group in United States. The above three agency send people to form international slimming competition organization committee (hereinafter referred to as "the organizing committee"), solely responsible for the organization and coordination of the contest.
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